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Storm Cleaning Tree Damage by Heaven Contracting


With the storms from autumn still fresh in the mind of every Auckland homeowner, it’s important to remember this kind of weather is still a threat as we head toward spring. If you’re not sure what you should be checking straight after a storm in regard to your trees and property, we’ve come up with some tips for you to follow, based on what we learnt after the April storms.


The first thing to do when it’s finally safe for you to go outside again after a bad storm is to check your home for any exterior damage. You should check all windows, fences, and outside furniture – as well as any other structures or buildings on your property – for any damage that might have occurred during the storm, either from tree branches or from anything else that was picked up or blown around in the wind.

If major damage has occurred, then fixing that will likely be your first point of call – you should always consider the integrity of your house as the number one priority. If this damage has been caused by a tree or tree branch, then you’ll need to take a closer look at the source of the destruction, which leads us to our next point: inspection.


If it isn’t the case that tree branches have caused damage to your property, it could very well be that the storm has caused your trees to become damaged instead. Branches could be fully or partially broken off and, whether they’re on the ground or still attached, getting a tree specialist in to take a closer look will allow you to find any other issues that you need to take into consideration. In most cases, post-storm issues can be fixed with simple tree pruning and tree trimming by an arborist – this is also a great step to take if you’re worried about future storms!

In the case that a tree has been severely damaged, or potentially uprooted during the storm, it’s likely that full tree removal will be the best way to treat the situation. Nothing’s more visually unappealing than a tree that’s lost too many branches or has visible roots, so it’s best to invest in getting this done – if only to reduce the chance of any future damage.


Remember to also talk to the owners of the surrounding properties and find out if they’ve suffered any damage – there could be something that you’re not aware of that has caused damage or could pose a future threat to your property. You can also talk to them about your own tree damage, and organise for an arborist to come and assess the trees around your properties.

If you’re interested in getting access to some of the most trustworthy and reliable tree services Auckland has to offer, Heaven Contracting are the tree specialists for you! With over 20 years of experience operating as an arborist Auckland wide, we’re more than qualified to help with your post-storm tree clean-up job and help protect your home!